Perlarara brand makes fashion creations for women having a soft figure.
Plus and comfortable sizes with a contemporary and feminine style. This style fits and enhances the Mediterranean figure of the modern woman.


Seitreseinove is the men’s clothing brand that produces garments with clean lines and current models, dresses the man in a casual key, without excesses, giving him an attractive and trendy look without ever giving up elegance.


Mejem brand makes fashion creations with the aim of enhancing beauty and femininity. A refined, unique and timeless brand that interprets the wisdom of tradition and contemporary style.


Perlarouge brand makes fashion creations for women who love to dress fashionable, creating attactive and versatile looks and combining the trend of the moment to garnment that are real “must have” wih you can’t give up.


Gritty and metropolitan: this is 6369, brand designed for those who like to dress with cool style in everyday life. The collections take inspiration from the urban-street world from sporty details, without ever giving up the trend.




Since 1997 we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to the production and wholesale of women’s clothing for large sizes (comfortable sizes, conformed sizes).

Our clothing items, made of 100% cotton, tend to meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated and demanding market, and it is for this reason that they are exported all over the world.

The deep knowledge of the sector and the taste needs of customers has led us to create increasingly comfortable and fashionable clothes of great quality and attention to detail.

The internal production and direct sales aimed only at commercial operators allow us to offer clothing at an excellent quality-price ratio.

We have always worked with great professionalism advising you in choosing the clothing that best suits your needs.


Find out how we can help you in the sales phase

    Find out how we can help you in the sales phase

      Find out how we can help you in the sales phase